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Organization Structure

     The Sunshine Coach Service operates as a community organization under the umbrella of the non-profit registered charitable organization charted as Friends of the Disabled (Renfrew) Inc.  The service was initiated in March of 1985 for people who because of mobility impairments are in the position where conventional modes of public transportation are inappropriate to their needs.  Drivers are not permitted to enter any building to provide personal assistance.  If further help is required or stairs are involved, an attendant must accompany the client or arrange to have assistance available where required. In the beginning, the Variety Club donated a mini bus to launch the new service.  Over the years the service has grown from 2,265 trips in its first ten months of operation to over thirty-three thousand trips annually and growing each year.

     Operations of the service is overseen by the Friends of the Disabled Board of Directors.  Currently the Sunshine Coach Service is staffed by an Executive Director, an Operations Manager, a Traffic Manager, a Transportation Specialist, a Dispatcher/Receptionist/Admin Support specialist, one full-time driver, one full-time Driver/Mechanic, and eighteen part-time drivers.